The 20th annual T&T Rods Show and Shine is just around the corner, and Estevan is buzzing with excitement!

Nestled along Highway 47, the T&T Rods Show and Shine has remained at its original location throughout its history. Event organizer Lori Gervais spoke about its humble beginnings, stating, "Tim and Tony (Gervais) have always been into cars. It was their passion that sparked the idea for a car show."

Little did they know that this modest beginning would blossom into an enduring tradition that continues to captivate car enthusiasts year after year. "I'm certain that there was no plan for this to be 20 years later and still going on. But that's what's happened, " Gervais explained.

T&T Rods Show and Shine

This year's event promises to be as thrilling as ever, with a lineup of automobiles that will leave car enthusiasts in awe. The event kicks off around 10 AM, with attendees without fancy vehicles being encouraged to arrive a bit later, and continues until 4:30 PM, providing ample opportunity to marvel at the automotive treasures on display.

While the cars are the stars of the show, the event offers much more. The Madigan-Outram 4H Beef Club will be serving delectable food, attracting both car enthusiasts and food lovers. Gervais amusingly shared, "I honestly know people who come out just for the food and not the cars."

One of the most anticipated moments of the T&T Rods Show and Shine is the motor blow-up. Gervais explained the tradition, saying, "Around 2 o'clock, we blow up a motor or two. Usually, it's some kind of old minivan or something. Everyone takes guesses on how long it's going to last. Sometimes it's within seconds, and sometimes it's many, many, many minutes."

Burn Out!!!

Following the motor explosions, the tire burns take center stage, captivating the crowd with their smoke-filled extravagance. Attendees line up, eager to participate and create their own tire marks, adding to the thrilling atmosphere of the event.

For those eager to join the festivities, there is no formal sign-up process. Simply show up on the morning of June 10 and bring your vehicle along. With an average of over 100 cars in attendance, and potentially more if the weather cooperates, the T&T Rods Show and Shine promises an awe-inspiring display of automotive excellence. Best of all, the event is free for all attendees. However, Gervais mentioned that there would be merchandise available, "It's our 20th annual, so we've got some T-shirts and that sort of thing, but we really just want people to come out and spend the day."

To stay updated on event details and information, T&T Rods maintains an active presence on Facebook.

Mark your calendars for the 20th annual T&T Rods Show and Shine on June 10.