As we stepped into the crisp and colorful days of October, the Perfect Pet Contest attracted a delightful array of submissions from pet owners eager to share their beloved companions. The changing leaves, the approaching end of fall on the prairies, the warmth of Thanksgiving, and the excitement of Halloween create the perfect backdrop for celebrating the bond between pets and their human counterparts.

While the winner of the October Perfect Pet Contest will be unveiled on Halloween, October 31, during the spookiest hour (8 AM-ish), we'll first celebrate the incredible pets who've graced this contest with their presence. So, let's dive into this month's submissions.


DeltaDelta is a morkie puppy born on June 20, 2023. He is such a sweet playful puppy and is adored by everyone in my family.


BusterHe is a pug puppy he loves cuddling with his human brother and sister and loves to play fight with his cat brother!


MaggieMaggie is a 1-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog. She loves cats, going to the office with her mom, and her doggy daycare. Her favourite toy is a dryer ball and she loves to eat cheese slices. She was very cooperative when getting fitted for her Halloween costume - Captain ‘Maggie’ Sparrow


QuakersHe is our beautiful male running duck. He sometimes will let us put the dino arms on. He loves lettuce and being muddy in his pool.


MokiShe was a wonderful gift meant to be my recovery buddy after surgery, but things didn’t go as planned so my Moki baby is staying with her Aunty and has them in cuteness overload!!

Shiner (dog) Moscato (cat)

Shiner (dog) Moscato (cat)Our puppy is a 6-year-old springer spaniel that is a very patient, fun-loving pup. we have only had the kitten for about 3 weeks but they get along great.


PretzelBesides her often being a typical mare, she's very "snuggly" and an in-your-pocket horse. She takes her owner everywhere ????


HererraHererra is an 18-month-old Chihuahua crossed with beagle. She is full of energy and a cheeky but loving dog. She loves to cuddle but she vibrates a lot on the count that she ate too many bees.


GabbieGabbie is a purebred Yorkie, she turns 10 this month, is photo-genic, still has spunk, and is full of energy. She's a ball of love and joy and is the perfect pet.


BentleyHe's a rescue from the Humane Society, he's got quite the personality, always wanting attention and he likes to get into trouble. And really likes to bug his big sister Luna.


NovaNova is such a special dog. She is a Pomsky, full of energy and love, and can put a smile on anyone’s face. Her favourite thing to do is go for car rides and look at cows. Nova has the sweetest and funniest personality but also has such an attitude.


RingoRingo is a puppy Dalmatian and a handful of energy, love, and joy. He loves chasing birds, car rides, any river, and his mom and dad. He will chase anything from a leaf to a butterfly, but always alert and on call. He speaks when he wants something - mainly meat while dad is cooking. His favourite place is the dog park with mom and dad with other dogs there to run with.


SparkySparky is my rescue cat that I found at the fire hall while doing hall duties, he came in to inspect what was going on and after a bit of playing shy, we're now best buddies. He’s been with me for a few years now. He’s always close by and meets me at the door when I come home. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand what personal boundaries are, he’s very photogenic.

As we bid adieu to the fall season on the prairies, the October Perfect Pet Contest once again shines a spotlight on the remarkable bonds between pets and their owners.

Stay tuned to to find out which pet will be crowned the Perfect Pet of October on Halloween, October 31.

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