A patch of dirt road south of the city is finally getting paved over. 

The Roadway Rehabilitation Project will encompass the area of First Street from Eighth Avenue to Ninth Avenue and from First Street to Valley Street. 

In a letter to city council, city engineer Kiflom Weldeab stated that the tender document stipulates that the project will start on July 8, 2024, and the completion date is set for August 9, 2024. The aim is to complete the project on time. However, if weather interferes and other unforeseen events occur, the schedule will be reset accordingly.

The council passed the motion to approve the tender, awarding the construction to Genco Asphalt. According to the tender, the work entails prepping the area and installing the asphalt. Constructing curbs, gutters, and sidewalks is also a part of the project. The city's engineering department will call a preconstruction meeting. An official announcement will be made at a later date. 

Councilor Lindsay Clarke is in favour of the project. He added that sometimes, it’s difficult to keep perspective of all the projects that have been completed over a four-year term. “We’ve always done a portion, and we’ve always had a challenge and I congratulate our administration for getting it done with what we have to work within the city budget. I think [the project is] great. It’s well done and it’s one of those areas that I think, for years, probably felt neglected down there. So, I think it will be good to get that piece done down there.” 

He said the city has completed projects like the Veteran’s Crescent, a shave and pave in Centennial Park, and repairs on Duncan Road.  

“All projects to do with road and sewer. We also do $200,000 a year of sidewalks and all of those are done within a budget, and we always have our challenges, but we do our best to get them done so that they are we are not over budget,” Clarke added.  

Councilor Tony Sernick remarked that these projects are putting the community 'leaps and bounds ahead of other cities and towns around Estevan', and he is happy to see the changes.