With a full year ahead of the Estevan Comprehensive School, students look to be joining up with the school's resource council in record numbers.

That's especially important as the school looks to fundraise for its returning Challenge Day, meant to inspire those starting their high school careers.

They're also responsible for planning pep rallies, spirit weeks, and other yearly events.

Principal James Jones says they've seen even more students join the council.

"Right now we're over 70 students who have started to attend those Tuesday morning meetings. Whether that's going back to the United Way, the takeover, having all of these students involved in the community, not just in our school, it's awesome.

"Volunteerism, you know, they're helping each other out to put on great events. But it's also building a culture of leaders in our school and in our community."

Besides selling cash calendars for that fundraising, They'll also be at a Bruins game representing the council on December 13th.

They're set to take part in not only fundraising for the Challenge Day, but might also become a part of it.

"As those leaders, we want them to be involved in making this a positive day. We're also going to work with the Challenge Day organizers to see if we can pull in some of those SRC students to make them a part of it as well because I think it's a really valuable experience."

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