Estevan's McHappy Day brought in $8,517.34 for the Ronald McDonald House in Saskatoon on Wednesday, the most money raised in 23 years.

"Tim (Jenish) and I are in our 23rd year of owning McDonald's, so this is our 23rd McHappy Day," said Estevan McDonald's Owner Christine Jenish. "This has been the largest total that we have had in 23 years, so we're absolutely ecstatic about."

Jenish touched on how important the fundraiser is and how it impacts families in the province.

"The Ronald McDonald house allows families to stay together when they have a child that is sick," Jenish said. "The impact that it has on the family is that they get to stay together. And the house only charges 10 dollars a night for people that stay there, so financially it really helps out because it's pretty tragic when you have a child that is very very sick and it impacts the whole family not only financially, but emotionally as well."

"So the house is there to go ahead and provide a service for them. The staff that are at the house are absolutely incredible, they're very supportive. They have a lot of volunteers that go ahead and do things like baking cookies and making sure that there's games and things for kids and everybody to go ahead and partake in. And it's a very very family oriented house."

McHappy DayThe Estevan McDonald's was decked out in McHappy Day hearts on Wednesday. (Photo credit: Nolan Kowal)

Jenish added that the house expanded a few years ago because there was a greater need.

"It's a need that the whole province uses," Jenish said. "And we have had families from Estevan and the surrounding area who have also used the house and they have nothing but wonderful things to say about their stay there."

Jenish also thanked her staff for making the day possible, along with several schools in the region who were involved, and the community as a whole.

"The support that we get from everybody in our area here and Estevan is included in that...they have always supported us and we are just more than thankful and just love the support," Jenish said.

"It's just outstanding."