SaskAlert issued a civil emergency alert at 2:03 p.m. for residents in the RM of Cymri.

"Residents within a 2200-meter area of the derailment will be contacted if they are required to evacuate. Avoid highway 39, it is currently blocked off."

People contacted to evacuate should go to the Midale Civic Centre. The alert states this only applies to those who have been contacted.

People in the RM of Cymri and village of Macoun are being evacuated as a fire continues to burn in that area from a train derailment Thursday morning.

Aaron Toles, the Emergency Management Officer for the RM of Cymri, provided an update on who would need to be evacuated early Thursday afternoon.

"We currently still have flames at the incident. We have established a 2,200 metre exclusion zone and we're asking everybody to stay out of that," Toles said. "There's a state of emergency being declared in the RM of Cymri...people affected by the evacuation will be contacted shortly."

Toles said only the people within the exclusion zone, which includes parts of Cymri and Macoun, will be evacuated. They'll be taken to the Midale rink.

We'll have more updates as they become available.