The southeast is seeing seasonal temperatures return even as a stormy sky stays from last week's weather.

Temperatures are rising high enough that snow won't be developing, though overnight periods will still be chilly.

Stephen Berg, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says there will be some break in the storm after today.

"Saskatchewan is looking pretty sunny apart from today with a good chance of showers today and tonight. Temperatures from Tuesday onwards look to be seasonal to a few degrees above seasonal and there is an appearance of a system on Thursday that has a hint of precipitation, but it's hard to say for now."

"The track is uncertain at the moment. It might go a little bit further to the north, in which it might not be much for the. Southeast, but at the moment, there's a good chance of some cloud for Thursday, but after that it will be largely sunny."

Some heavy showers may make their way through the system says Berg.

There could be some heavier showers in there, but at the moment it's looking pretty steady for showers if they impact the Estevan area, but the areas around Regina right now are seeing a bit of showers." 

Temperatures will cool a bit next weekend, with Berg saying it's unknown whether those continue to fall once May approaches.

"In terms of temperatures looking to be roughly seasonal and into the midweek, but beyond that, it's a little tough to pin down."