With a new year comes some big changes to the Perfect Pet Contest!

Estevan's Rodeo Dawg has entered the fray and now the prize each month will be a $50 gift certificate to All Creatures which was formally $25, and also a $50 gift certificate to Rodeo Dawg!

Here are all of the contestants for the Perfect Pet Contest in January. The winner will be announced on Tuesday morning.


StarStar was born with no front paws. Everyone that meets her has there doubts but that hasn’t stopped her from being a happy kitten. Star is spoiled and knows she has me wrapped around her claw, star loves her attention if she isn’t getting it she cries till I pick her up and put her in my sweater so she can ride along as I do my other chores. While star may not have her front legs that doesn’t stop her from wrestling with sister or bossing around the bigger cats when they get near her food. Every day she surprises someone who doubts her abilities even with no front legs she is still a great jumper, hunter, climber and fast runner, and never falls to brighten my day and surprise me and everyone else.


LolaLola is a 1 year old miniature pincher/chihuahua. She was at a kill shelter in Texas and a rescue out of Toronto flew her to Canada. We then adopted her in August 2022. It has been a bit of an adjustment over the last few months, but now she is the perfect addition to our family. She makes us laugh every day and she is so appreciative of the life that she has now. This photo was taken over Christmas. Our flights were cancelled to Mexico and we had just picked her up from the boarding kennel… She had only been there a few hours, but she couldn’t be happier to be back at home with us. Her smile says it all … family is the greatest gift and make sure to surround yourself by people you love and who love you!


This is Shira! Shira is a 8 year old husky lab mix, she loves to play outdoors in the snow, with cats, and with kids! She loves going quadding and running behind them or sitting on the seat. She sits on the sled like a good girl when we go snow mobiling and is is always there for a good snuggle. Shira loves treats and waits at the door for grandma every morning. She loves going on walks and gets so excited when you pull out her leash! For Christmas she got a new sweater and hat and she wears it almost every where we go with the biggest happiest doggo smile on her face! Shira will always make you smile when you’re upset and will lick you until you’re happy! She loves belly rubs and gets very tired when she runs because she runs so fast!! She loves kids and plays with my son and daughters every single day! She’s the sweetest thing we could ever ask for and there is no other dog like her. ???? Shira loves going to Kenosee Lake to our family cabin and she enjoys sleeping on our beds. Shira is a very good girl but she isn’t allowed on the couch. She sneaks up on it every time we go home but never gets in trouble. Shira is such a happy girl and gets along with every single living being. We could not ask for such a great dog ????????????????


MouseMouse likes to sit like a human with his arm up on the rest. He also likes to sit like a good boy at exactly 9pm and wait for his favourite human to play laser with him. He is 15 months old and was brought inside when he was only a week old when his mother abandoned him. We gave him kitty CPR to bring him back and now he’s a big ol’ kitty! Mouse also needs to sniff down everything that comes through the front door! He is the first thing to greet me in the morning when I come from downstairs in my room or from outside. Every morning he coos at me and gives the accepting head nod. His favourite room in the house is the bathroom where he can sit and crawl into a ball and then roll to his back in the sink. Even thought there is a full bowl of water at all times, he drinks from the running tap as if he has never drank water before.


MeekaMeeka is 13 years old and loves playing in the yard, walks and car rides


PepperPepper is a 12 year old Dachshund. She goes everywhere I go. Likes to eat and sleep. She will play dead, roll over, shake a paw, only for treats.


LIZZIELizzie is a mini Australian shepherd. Don’t let her size fool ya. She’s all personality and brains! She loves the snow!


Camo & AxelCamo and Axel are my axoltols. We feed them worms, and they eat out of your hand. If you put your fingers in the tank, they will nip your fingers. Good thing they don't have big teeth. My mom got them hoping one was a girl and the other a boy, but they are both boys, and both about 6 inches long. Axel always looks like he is smiling and Camo stares at you.

SAMUS a.k.a. Carpet Shark 

SamusSamus is only 4 months old. When we first brought Samus home, we nicknamed him “Carpet Shark”. He would crawl around on his belly and try to nibble on everyone’s toes. He has grown out of that and now just likes to play fetch and rope tug with cuddles in between. He has the goofiest personality and does random zoomies all around our living room. He also like to go outside and toss snow into the air with his nose. We were pet-less for 18 months before we got Samus. He has been the perfect addition to our family.

Find out the winner Tuesday morning just after 8 AM on Rock 106 & Sun 102.