The Estevan Fire Department was seen to be heading north Wednesday morning, as they responded to an out of town farming incident.

"Just after 11:00 AM, we were called out to a tractor fire just southwest of Benson. It was reported as a tractor and wildland fire, however, upon arrival it was just the tractor, fully engulfed," explained Deputy Fire Chief Rick Davies.

"We extinguished that, and all was well."

He added that he believes some sort of mechanical failure was the culprit behind the inferno. Such scenarios have not been seen a lot, at least so far this year.

While the summer of 2017 has been notorious for being bone-dry in the southeast, that apparantly hasn't translated into a lot of action for the Department.

"Wildland fires are down somewhat, but I believe that has to do with the bans being in place. We haven't had any calls of any controlled burns that have been going on when they shouldn't be, so I think everyone is abiding by them," Davies said. 

With the current conditions, and the approach of harvest, the Deputy Chief shared some recommendations when it comes to being ready for a blaze in the field.

"Make sure that you have fire extinguishers or a truck with a water tank or something on it, so in case a fire does break out you have a means to try to control it right away. Also, do not hesitate in calling the fire department. That way, we can get out there and try to contain it as quickly as possible."