The Estevan Police Service arrested three Edmonton men following an investigation of a copper theft from a local business.

The EPS said they received a report from a business on the weekend of suspicious activity around their property. Then Monday morning another local business called reporting a theft of copper. Police reviewed the circumstances, which led them to believe the calls were connected.

The three men were arrested Monday afternoon trying to sell the stolen copper, according to police. Patrol members and the K9 unit responded to the call and took the three men into custody before they left the business.

Police are investigating theft, possession of stolen property, and possession of methamphetamine. Further charges are pending while the matter remains under investigation.

Police are asking any business owners who lost similar property in the last few days or who have seen anything suspicious to call the station. Police are also reminding businesses with copper pipes or copper wire on or around their properties to be mindful of an increase in thefts in the area.

The police said tremendous public support with the file helped facilitate a successful resolution.

The names of the men who were arrested were not released as they had yet to be sworn in in court.