The U13 AA Primec Controls Estevan Bruins managed to clinch first place in a winter classic over the weekend.

The weekend's games at the Watford City Winter Classic Championship featured teams gathering to compete for the title.

After the U13 team came out on top, Head Coach Brant Kersey said their performance improved over the weekend.

"The team played better each game. We started working on a lot of different things. We're trying to play a lot more speed and moving the puck. The final game in the championship game against the Watford City Oilers to the team that attended our tournament here at the end of October. We played a phenomenal game of passing the puck, sharing the puck, and making sure that everyone was moving the puck really quickly and that's the key to our success."

Kersey says that the event was put on well throughout the weekend.

The combined efforts of the team were also worthy of some praise from their coach.

"The kids were ecstatic, we saw some terrific goaltending. They were really, really happy with their play. All of the players chipped in offensively and defensively. When we get the scores up a little bit it's easy to slack off and sort of go into a little bit of a lull. The boys played really hard through the final buzzer. I saw some terrific play from all of the players in all three zones of the ice." 

The U13 team now plays two games this weekend in Regina and Melville.