The fire department was already in action this morning responding to alarms coming from Sacred Heart School.

"At approximately 8:49 AM," explained Fire Chief, Dale Feser, "crews were called to Sacred Heart School. The original call was indicating that there were fire alarms going off in the occupancy. Crews arrived on scene shortly thereafter."

"There was no visible smoke or flame that was apparent from the exterior of the building. And the teacher had safely evacuated the school of all the students."

"A liaison person that was set in place did reach the fire department as soon as arriving on scene stating that the fire alarm panel was indicating that there was a duct detection device that was in alarm."

Crews entered the school and made an extensive search, including using a thermal imaging device. There were no signs of fire or smoke. Students were then allowed to go back inside.

"After a substantial period of time, combing the entire facility, it was found that there was no real cause for alarm indicating that it was probably a faulty detection device in the ductwork systems."

The scene was then turned over to the school staff.