There were funnel cloud and tornado reports Tuesday evening northwest of Moose Jaw, near the village of Keeler.

And it is very likely that was the setting for Saskatchewan's first tornado of the year. 

"It is not verified yet, but it is very probable that a tornado touched down between Keeler and Caron," said Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Danielle Fingland.

The agency is in the process of verifying whether it was a tornado.

"We go through all of our satellite and radar data," said Fingland. "We take social media reports from the public, and we make sure that the data kind of jives. And if necessary, we go do damage surveys for much bigger events. We do rely on our weather data as well as reports from the public to verify that the tornado did touch down."

Rob Been caught the following video on tape, just south of Keeler.

Fingland said it's typical for the province to see a tornado or two this time of year. The busiest months are June and July, with the heaviest activity happening in the middle of that stretch - from late June into early July.

Meanwhile, southeastern Saskatchewan is due for a considerable cool-down with the possibility of snow. You can read more on that here.

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