Fifty-five people were honoured for their contributions to society with Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medals Thursday night at the Elk's Lodge in Estevan.

The award winners were:

Chief Richard Lowen - Protective Service

Deputy Chief Murray Cowen - Protective Service

Inspector Warren Morrical - Protective Service

Constable Danielle Stephany - Protective Service

Wendy Gustafson - Volunteer Service

Tyler McMillen - Volunteer Service

Jeff Pierson - Business/Commerce

Vernon McLean - Volunteer Service

Pamela Dechief - Volunteer Service

Larry Ward - Political Science

Dennis Moore - Public Service

Ben Anderson - Volunteer Service

Arthur Joseph Beselt - Volunteer Service

Jackie Wall - Economic Development

Roy Ludwig - Public Service

Nicki Berg - Volunteer Service

Josh Biggs - Philanthropy

Craig Bird - Military

Gail Chilman - Volunteer Service

Dr. Allison Christie - Healthcare

Susan Colbow - Volunteer Service

Brian Crossman - Business/Commerce


Rose Cuddington - Volunteer Service

Barry Dies - Volunteer Service

Angela Durr - Military

Gerry Fichtemann - Arts

Danielle Fleury - Volunteer Service

Jim Forrest - Military

Ray Frehlick - Philanthropy

Doris Frehlick - Philanthropy

Lester Hinzman - Military

Greg Hoffort - Volunteer Service

Brady Johnson - Health and Fitness

Don Kindopp - Volunteer Service

Troy LeBlanc - Military

Vivian Lindblad - Volunteer Service

Ruth Marcotte - Volunteer Service

Richard Marcotte - Volunteer Service

Corey McLean - Posthumous award present to Corey's family for his outstanding service and citizenship in the field of volunteering

Mel Murray - Sports

Norm Park - Journalism

Melodye Pierson - Volunteer Service

Dave Piper - Philanthropy

Tami Piper - Philanthropy

Epamenontas Peter Sereggela - Philanthrophy

Payton Sernick - Philanthropy

Lynn Trobert - Volunteer Service

Dr. Edward Tsoi - Healthcare

Ed Turnbull - Philanthropy

Kenneth Turner - Military Service

Lionel Wanner - Volunteer Service

David Willberg - Journalism

Dennis Zackrisson - Volunteer Service

Brian Zinchuk - Journalism

Dr. Khalid Sheikh - Healthcare

The Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal was created in Saskatchewan, along with several other provinces, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the late Queen's Ascension to the Throne.

Recipients were nominated, and had to meet three criteria:

  • They are a resident of Saskatchewan or have a link to Saskatchewan (at the time of the grant of the medal);
  • They have made a contribution to Canada, Saskatchewan, or to a particular region or community; and
  • They were alive on February 6, 2022, the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty’s Accession to the Throne.

Keep an eye on for more on Thursday's honourees.