The ECS Elecs football team, under the guidance of Head Coach Mark Schott, have faced a series of challenges this season, with their latest being a tough loss to Peacock. Coach Schott discussed the team's experiences, including their early deficit in the game, and shared their enthusiasm for upcoming events.

In their recent matchup against Peacock, the Elecs found themselves down early, trailing 21-0 fairly early in the game. Despite their challenging start, Coach Schott remained optimistic and pointed out some positive aspects, especially the team's defensive efforts in the latter part of the game.

"As the game progressed, we made some huge stops on 3rd down when Peacock was deep in our own territory and forced some turnovers," he noted. "There were some positives to take away from Saturday."

The ECS Elecs remain determined to make the most of the opportunities ahead as they aim to finish their season on a high note.

Looking forward to their next challenge, Coach Schott shared exciting news about a Jamboree event where the Elecs' depth players would have the opportunity to showcase their skills.

"We are going to Weyburn tomorrow. We're going to take all of our Grade 9 and 10 players and then a few Grade 11 and 12 players with us. And we're going to be playing against Central's depth players and Weyburn's depth players," Coach Schott explained. "Each team will run three series of eight offensive plays against the opposition, so a total of 24 plays against each team, and then there's two opponents, so we'll run 48 total plays."

The controlled scrimmage offers a valuable opportunity for younger players to gain experience and compete at a level more suited to their age and skill.

As for their final home game of the season, Coach Schott highlighted the importance of the matchup against Swift Current.

"They’re in a similar position to us, they played the top three teams in the league, in Weyburn, Yorkton, and Central, and they've dropped all three games," Coach Schott said. "Historically, Swift Current, they're physical and they like to play with a lot of speed. So that's going to be something that defensively we're going to have to make sure that we can counter. Offensively, we need to score points."

The game against Swift Current is set to kick off at 4:00 PM on Friday at Woodlawn Athletic Field, with an admission fee of $5 for adults, while students can enjoy the game for free. As the ECS Elecs continue their season, they remain determined to secure their first win and finish the year on a high note.

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