As the leaves turn golden and the crisp autumn air fills the Canadian prairies, excitement builds at Estevan Comprehensive School. The Elecs Senior Boys Volleyball team is in full swing for another promising season, and the anticipation is palpable as they gear up for a home tournament.

In a recent interview on the Rock 106 morning show, we had the privilege of speaking with one of the team's standout players, Jayden Kuchinka, who is currently in Grade 12.

ECS Student Jayden Kuchinka with Rock 106 Host Daniel EspelienECS Student Jayden Kuchinka with Rock 106 Host Daniel Espelien

When it comes to their volleyball season, Kuchinka and the Elecs appear to be sailing smoothly through the initial matchups. "So far, we've kind of blown past our match matchups. It's been kind of easy," Kuchinka confidently shared. However, he and the team are well aware that a more formidable challenge awaits on the horizon. "We think that the first real test is going to come in Swift Current next weekend."

The home tournament promises an event filled with thrilling volleyball action. Kuchinka eagerly laid out the schedule, "We play Oxbow and Lampman tonight. We've encountered Oxbow twice before, dominating both times. As for Lampman, we anticipate a similar outcome." The Elecs will compete in six games on Saturday as well. The tournament will feature teams from Oxbow, Ogema, Carlyle, Kipling, Montmarte, and Lampman as well.

Optimism permeates the Elecs' ranks this year, with Kuchinka believing that a journey to the provincial championship is well within their grasp. "Yeah, we definitely have the team that could do it. We have four Grade twelves, four Grade nines, and one Grade 11. With this lineup, we have a shot."

For those planning to attend the tournament, Kuchinka singled out two players to keep an eye on. "Look out for our Grade 9 Centre, Cameron Milbrandt, and our towering Middle, Koen Turner; they're both really outstanding players. Cohen is a Grade 12, while Cameron is in Grade 9. They have a great connection."

The action kicks off tonight from 4 to 9 PM and continues tomorrow from 8 AM to 4 PM at the Estevan Comprehensive School.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Elecs continue their journey towards victory!

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