North Portal, Saskatchewan's Last Birds, is taking their audience on an enchanting journey with their latest album, "Endless Turn of Day Into Night." In a recent interview on SUN 102, the talented duo, Lindsay Arnold and Mike Davis discussed their musical evolution, the recording process, and their upcoming show at Art Concepts Custom Framing in Estevan.

Endless Turn of Dau Into NightAlbum Art: Lindsay Arnold

Last Birds is celebrating the release of their newest album, which has been making waves since its launch on October 20.Their music weaves a rich tapestry of melodies, carried by two voices and two guitars that harken back to early country folk music.

Arnold explained the inspiration behind their stripped-down approach, saying, "We really wanted to have something out there that represented what you get when you see us live." This approach harks back to the roots of early recording projects like The Carter Family, where a single microphone and one take were used to create authentic, harmonious music.

Davis added, "When you're just two voices and two guitars, everybody can hear everything. There's no other instruments to fill the space, and you've got to be on point." The duo recorded the guitars and vocals simultaneously, creating a natural, live feel on the album. Their close collaboration and Jeff D. Michel's patient guidance during the recording process resulted in a comfortable and authentic musical journey.

Last Birds

Last Birds' storytelling ability is another standout feature of their music.

"A lot of the stories just come from my experience, Mike's experience, the experiences of friends and family, living in a small town," Arnold shared. "I have always been intrigued by sitting around the kitchen table after a family gathering, and people will be sharing stories about back in the old days, and those, I've always kind of kept in the back of my mind. And they pop out when it's songwriting time."

With their album release, Last Birds is gearing up for a special show at Art Concepts Custom Framing in Estevan on November 4. This intimate venue will offer a listening room experience, where the duo can share their stories through music. Tickets are available for $20 or $100 for a table for four, with the added bonus of a cash bar. The show will also feature a special guest, Jeff D. Michel, who contributed to the album's creation and opening act Daniel & Mavrik Espelien.

Last Birds is not only showcasing their musical talent but also their visual artistry with the release of their vinyl album. Arnold mentioned that the vinyl release will include bonus artwork on the sleeve, making it a truly unique collector's item.

In the heart of North Portal, Saskatchewan, Last Birds has crafted an album that resonates with the authentic spirit of their live performances, inviting their audience to experience the beauty of their stories through song. With their upcoming show at Art Concepts, they are set to create an enchanting atmosphere where their music and stories will come alive, just as they did in the recording studio.

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